Georgia Center for Nonprofits

To build momentum for the future, GCN wanted a new logo that communicated innovation, creativity, and forward thinking, along with a tonal shift towards partnership, connection, and support. Changes needed to be subtle and gradual, as preserving GCN’s brand recognition and reputation was as important as creating a new look that reflected the nonprofit community’s changing needs and expectations.

We consolidated and revised elements of the old GCN brand and logo, creating a more contemporary identity that preserved the brand equity. We also created guidelines that established how the new look would unfold across all of GCN’s communications.

  • "Hiring Tredeau Design was one of those good decisions we were glad we made. They understood our goal of updating and unifying our brand without sacrificing any of the equity we had carefully built during the past 20 years. Their solution was exactly the foundation we needed to build a new, more consistent, and more dynamic brand image."

    Joe Folan Director of Marketing, Georgia Center for Nonprofits
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