Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation

As part of the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation’s rebrand—which included a new logo, tag line, and messaging platform—we designed an organizational overview brochure that could be used for multiple purposes and audiences. The main body of the brochure provides general information about the organization as a whole, with a pocket for customizable inserts.

  • "I always enjoyed our meetings and/or calls; I left them inspired after we would brainstorm and work through what we could accomplish together. Both Meredith and Scott have a way of challenging you to think beyond where you are and stretch to what could be, all while not discounting the work that is happening at the time. I deeply appreciate your honesty and ability to pull what is good out and make it shine! Thank you for championing our cause and believing in the work we do. Yes, we did pay you for your services and it felt like more, because it was/is more to Scott and Meredith."

    McKenzy Bailey Williams Children Services Director, Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation
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