Georgia Center for Child Advocacy

This goal of this annual report was to thank GCCA’s donors, as well as convey the impact their work has achieved, which was accomplished through a combination of powerful statistics and testimonials. The design included large imagery overlaid with whimsical drawings to illustrate outcomes that include bright futures and restored childhoods.

  • “Meredith and Scott were great partners on our Annual Report project. Our goal was to create a professional piece to send to partners and donors that both discussed our work and raised awareness of Child Sexual Abuse. They made a “difficult” topic—one that’s often hard to talk about—exceptionally approachable, while effectively conveying both the impact of our work and the warm, inviting environment in which we conduct it. “They completely captured our brand—quickly grasping both the look and feel of what we wanted to create, as well as the breadth of our program offerings. They even worked with our printer to make sure the end result worked on all levels. The final product exceeded our expectations and has been well received by donors and community members.”

    Sheila Ryan Executive Director, Georgia Center for Child Advocacy
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