Foundation Center

The Foundation Center wanted to expand the reach of its programming and bring more visitors into the Atlanta Center. They needed targeted outreach materials for each of their three audience groups: the Dreamers, the Nonprofit Professionals, and the Community Builders. We created a piece with which each audience could identify, with a cohesive overall look.

  • "Embarrassingly, I admit, I procrastinate on our scheduled calls. Mostly, I anticipate the challenges. Meredith is going to make me define something that I felt perfectly comfortable leaving unclear. Scott adds a step in the process that’s going to get us honest feedback (can I handle really honest feedback?...). They both go silent when I express a “good design idea” (as I hear myself aloud, it sounded better in my head). Yes, this is what it’s like working with a real design partner. It’s like the first five miles of a run: you’re not in control. But then you hit that breakpoint–that fifth mile. You really want to hit that place with Scott and Meredith. After that point magic takes over. The communication challenges no longer dictate the outcome. Things are clear. You can run."

    Val Porter Cook Head of Domestic Strategy and Innovation, Foundation Center
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