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Marist School is an independent, college-preparatory Catholic school that serves approximately 1,080 students in grades 7-12. In 2007, Marist’s administration and board of trustees completed a strategic plan that included a comprehensive campus master plan. To fund its ambitious plan, Marist launched a capital campaign called The Way. The Hope. The Promise. The Campaign for Marist School.

Marist School needed a compelling visual identity that reflected the scale and potential impact of the campaign. Establishing the right identity was particularly important in the initial phase of the campaign, when the school’s fundraising staff and volunteers were to approach major donors whose support was vital to the success of the campaign. Marist came to us with a logo, but needed a fully developed identity that established the visual brand of the campaign. The school had several goals for the project:

  • To develop a look for the campaign that would capture the magnitude and excitement of the effort while living with the Marist School brand
  • To establish a graphic framework that in-house staff could use to create future pieces
  • To create a major gift solicitation kit that presented an attractive and compelling case for supporting the campaign

To accomplish these goals, our plan was to create a flagship campaign piece that was economical, easy to update, and made the right impression on major donors. The design centered on a modular solicitation kit that would establish a visual vocabulary that Marist’s in-house communications staff could use as the basis for future campaign-related pieces. We knew that to be successful, the design needed to be a combination of classic and forward thinking in order to reflect the school’s 100-year history while projecting its commitment to educational innovation. Designed items included:

  • Donor solicitation kit folder
  • Inserts system
  • Campaign case statement brochure
  • Campus master plan map

As of October 2015, the school’s capital campaign had raised nearly 90 percent of its goal for completing the most significant renovations to its campus in decades. Marist’s in-house communications staff used the initial campaign piece as a guide to produce other campaign materials such as presentations, electronic newsletters, and a supplementary brochure. The school’s leadership was pleased to have a solicitation kit that fundraisers could use with confidence because it captured the excitement and potential impact of the capital campaign.

“There was a lot riding on us finding the right partner to design our capital campaign solicitation kit. We needed someone who could create pieces that would not only move major donors to support this important initiative for the school’s future, but also serve as the foundation for future pieces that our in-house staff could create. Tredeau Design was exactly who we needed. The quality of their work exceeded our expectations and throughout the process it was clear that Scott and Meredith really cared about helping us achieve our goals.”

Bob Fisher, Director of Communications, Marist School

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